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For ease of historical places in Tabriz tourists attractions of Tabriz, Tabriz, Iran's tourism site (مکانبین) has been recorded on this page we briefly put hope this section about your satisfaction.


ist of tourist attractions in Tabriz, Tabriz historical attractions and natural attractions of Tabriz, Tabriz and markets:



In the year 1314 desolate and dilapidated cemetery in place of the solar system, with the supervision of German engineers nobar President municipality of Haj Arfa OL jalili was based. This building has a clock tower is a four-page that resonate with his rhythmic ringing every 15 minutes a time, over time, to hear the people of Tabriz. External view of Rock Hall of Shahrdari Tabriz shaved and building it with the sample map building for Germany before World War II. The building in the middle of the city of Tabriz and the field known as the h-field and are now all civil affairs and administrative affairs of Shahrdari Tabriz in this Hall of the mansion and focused.











Shah Goli Tabriz, flower

Goli (Goli) or King of the mud is one of the most important city of Tabriz that the walkway in the South East and at 7 km from the city center is located. Shah Goli means "pool King" translated. The Gauls in Turkish language means the pool. Construction of the initial construction of the Aq Qoyunlu Kings pond to time and develop it to the time of the Safavid

. Shah Goli

, Goli Tabriz before it turned on the Safavid dynasty, the largest source of water for garden irrigation areas east of Tehran and Tabriz to the gate of the garden تپلی. during the Safavid dynasty rule, all the sand and waste contained in the current internal enclosure empty Lake and a stone wall around it


in the Qajar period on the perimeter of the pool to the Goli street pedestrians was constructed and adjacent to these passages, the willow tree trees Tabrizi, and several annual flowers decorate the walkway to multiple rows and the purity of water and air were planted during the Pahlavi Goli. Shahrdari Tabriz was entrusted to a public walkway. s. b. Kazemi (mihazab Al-dawlah) Governor of East Azarbaijan, the first time the overhaul on the grounds of this walkway to do . At the center of a cultural Hat Goli pool, there is an octagonal mansion that nowadays for a catering hall and used to house the famous Goli. This building was erected before the year 1346 destroyed Adobe, and with the efforts of Shahrdari Tabriz and provincial Governor, replaced by a beautiful building and




Azerbaijan Museum of Tabriz

Azerbaijan Museum is one of the most important museums of Iran Tabriz Street Emam and in the adjacent Blue Mosque is located in the Museum of Azerbaijan historical Museum as the second National Museum of Iran, Tehran is known as the works belong to the period before Islam and Islamic era on display have been ...

Museum of Tabriz in Azerbaijan in the year 1341 tapping and now with the three dimensions of 37 theaters in 12 meters and several Office rooms and library, one of the largest museums in the country. 2400-square-meter Museum monument following Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan Museum, with its antique objects and artistic pieces of 2300 recorded and over a thousand non-log object in the center of attention of our culture and art-lovers and foreign tourists And every year an average of about one hundred thousand it hits.

on the ground floor of the Museum, historical objects and artifacts related to the period before the date and time of pottery that have been related to the hills with seven thousand year old Ismail Abad, most of the historical works of this section, the same mineral stones dating. "سرپانتین" that have been at Jiroft before also on looks; on this rock are the images of the various plants and animals as well as the role of the statue. The goddess of a woman who has been in rostamabad at Gilan, three thousand years old; the statue of a woman's value in the era of ancient Persia is depicted. Raytheon about two to three thousand years ago, as well as the Museum are kept.






The Qajar Museum of Tabriz

The House of Qajar Museum gross or one of the museums of the city of Tabriz is this Museum in place of Amir's home in sheshghelan garosi and system next to the children's Hospital, Sheikh Attar is located behind the school. The Qajar Museum in solar 1385 after repair is officially launched. Home gross during the period of the Shah Naser ad-Din and took something before Amir gross system (politician, diplomat, scholar and 1996 the Qajar period) and is made by him. The building in 1370 by the cultural heritage organization purchased with the number 1749 in the list of national monuments of the country enrolled ...


a House of Tabriz after repair by maintaining the characteristics of the architecture and the traditional indicators according to the Qajar Museum, was used as the Museum in the near







Constitutional House of Tabriz

The most famous and popular constitutional House of honor is the most historical city of Tabriz homes at the height of the constitutional revolution, the location of the fateful decisions of the constitutional heads of constitutional activists has been the home of one of the quarters of Tabriz city called the order in front of the Grand Mosque and the alley in the West market Street in Tabriz, martyr motahhari. This is according to the architectural style of the Qajar period and made the Haj Mehdi koozehkanani personal property. The building with an area of 1300 square meters, was built in two floors. A unique feature of the constitutional home can be the window sash, doors, 201 work, cultural outings, Ghulam and shading pointed out ...

constitutional changes after the Museum at BlueHost and the Constitutional Chamber of the House and to make the display of historical documents relating to the constitutional revolution in solar 1375 founded the most important historic monuments is this museum can be constitutional, Sattar handgun, personal belongings of the leaders of the constitutional revolution and other documents related to the of the constitutional revolution.







Tabriz Bazaar

The market of Tabriz is one of the largest and most important indoor markets in Iran and قارهٔ Asia, the same goes with the area of Tabriz, the market is said to be about a big indoor market square kilometers, is the world's most traditional. 1389 solar years at Tabriz in the market as the first UNESCO World Heritage site list in the world market to


factors such as market architectural style, makeup shops, lounges, a multitude of what team caravan, the corridors, the order as well as a variety of jobs and professions, there are many school and mosque, mainly of historical background, this is an excellent example to market powered by trade, Islamic and Eastern life business.

for an earlier city of Tabriz on the Silk Road, and passes the thousands daily caravans from different countries of the African, Asian and European, this city and its thriving market very well. this market is approximately 3 centuries before and after the occurrence of the historic earthquake of Tabriz in years Lunar 1193 by n. Khan donbali Tabriz is rebuilt time ruler. 1354 solar years in Tabriz Bazaar list of national monuments record. On the construction of this collection is not clear, but most of the tourists visiting the fourth century from global warming until the term of this year have visited the market, it offers information about






Tabriz poet's Tomb, the tomb of poets, Tabriz

Bmghberh thghh Al-Shora-e Tabriz in the street and on the north side of the monument is located Seyed Hamzeh. The construction of tourist facilities in the name of beauty یابود mghber Shora has been created in this location that the tomb of one of our greatest contemporary poets (Shahriar) is located in this place


Tomb (Tomb of poets) is one of the historical city of Tabriz cemetery that is located in the neighborhood of Rouge. Tomb in the past with the names alghzah, حظیره, حظیره-Shora also called Rouge cemetery but, unfortunately, the passage of the old and more importantly natural events such as floods and earthquakes, the appearance of


become desolate because of Tomb-mausoleum of poets, Tabriz, Tabriz after the earthquake of 1193 and 1194 Ah year and due to being buried a lot of great poets and arefan in this cemetery, in 1350 the morning of racing solar plan for a monument on the Tomb by information and newspaper Kayhan and dissent magazine was held and after awhile the proposal "Gholam Reza farzan seal" was chosen and the construction of the Memorial was started together. Now, this monument symbolizes the tomb and one of the symbols of the city of Tabriz. Now this collection welcomes guests and cultural tourists.





President of the Castle or the Castle b kaleybar

The President, known as the Castle stronghold or fortress b in about three kilometers from the city to the mountain height is kaleybar and 2300 at the top of the meter are located also in the time of the Sassanid Empire and made his name the name b. خرمدین, a leader in dealing with the Arab assailants until 893, is taken from each side by a deep valley surrounded by 400 to 600 metramq hence the approaching fire, and he supplies the Castle catapult searchlight to the Castle It was almost impossible and only a narrow way and impassable to access the fortresses there..


before reaching the gate of the Castle b and entering the password shall establish robust stronghold monument that for the corridors and natural stone formed from regular and only a passing fan of one person and two people hardly can propel it in terms of their strategic position to deploy based on peaks in such a way that the influx of twenty persons have been able Trooper Corps will make a threesome hundred thousand Preventing casualties, and also, what is the usual guns and bows and arrows took to the soldiers and the mstihfzan which were to later stand height distance is not working


this historic castle called Castle b, b and b, President of Castle stronghold is a historic Fort and is a famous seat of Iran's Babak Khorram DIN Commander has been on the rise against the machine when the Caliphate as military and political base, DC used b Khorram religion.



Alishah Citadel

Arak is one of the great and important monuments, Alishah remaining from the period of the Patriarch and the Taj al-Din Tabrizi by Alishah jilan, during the eight years and in the distance, was made up of the Lunar solar 724 716. Of course, some other applications of arak, Alishah throughout history. Anyway today is only a part of a very long nave walls and the altar on the South of the mosque is a place that proves the glory and inhabiting it in the past. The existing walls is in fact the Organizer Ivan arch coatings and AP is a cylindrical Taghi has been a revolution to space as the main ingredient and the nave of the mosque, Alishah poses. Tabriz and arak-ancient grounds it in the year 1310 Shamsi Iranian national monuments on the list to register. The location in the position of Imam Ave., Tabriz, next to the intersection of Ferdowsi St., mslai.





Fire Tower

Tabriz fire fighting Tower ianghin Tower or from a height of 23 m and concurrently with the establishment of the country's first fire station has been constructed. Of this circular tower bani was used in order to be seen as if in the town of harighi on the spot, fire mamorin fire atfay to present there. Ianghin Tower dating back to more than a hundred years. The position of the building in the street, an intersection is a tutor St. khaghani.













Khlet water tower

This building in the last ten kilometres of the road of Tabriz-Tehran brick tower that housed the prismatic Tower khlet water. The building has been constructed in the late Safavid period. At the time of Qajar Kings donated khlet to the rulers of Azerbaijan in this tower was thrown on them. The three-story tower. The first and second floor, the third floor without indoor ceiling. Khlet water ceremony last year 1330. it took a samdkhan to rule maragheh. In recent years, Tabriz University, the building's restoration.












Paul the tea seeds and nuts

This bridge, which in the period of safavi on tea-ajia (crap goes) is located. One of the important bridge and historical city of Tabriz and the only passageway to the West and part of the silk road route. This bridge has a 16 bit as hlali and janaghi and length of 100 meters and a width of 5 m and is the first time in the logbook belongs to the King in the course of onisi Esmaeil safavy mentioned it. Paul tea during the period of ajia Abbas Mirza, by a. s. h. Tabrizi has been repairing merchant historical event five of the resistance against the Soviet Army soldiers anonymous Tabrizi in this place. The position of the building in Tabriz, Marand-road entrance.






Stone bridge

This is the bridge of the Qajar dynasty to the period of works, with a four-span stone to form hlali and the constitutional period, place one of the crosses and battle forces Mohammad Ali Shah Qajar and the Bermuda triangle (s). The position of the building in the street next to the tea.




Qari bridge

This bridge built in the Qajar period and in the national monuments record. Shams alamare (current Governor) to the north part of the city, connected with hlali of arch form ajri materials and slabs of laparoscopic chaiy field on quchi (mhranerood) and made the bridge of prtrddtrin, including the city of Tabriz. The bani pirzani has been that the cost of their trip to Mecca was built these bridges to mkrmeh. and hence to the woman famous ghari bridge ' to korposu. In the year 1327 parallel to the bridge, another bridge to facilitate commuting between the two side. The position of the building in the square located on the street chaeikenar in the tea.




Blue Mosque

The Shah mosque or mosque of the world kbood of Tabriz (the ORB Mosque) according to the order of the aboalmzaffr dynasty of Yosef Ben Jahanshah Ghareh torkaman Karachay quyunlu is built in its efforts of building and 870 in the supervision of John beig Khatoon (female Jahanshah Qara quyunlu Karachay Yousef Ben) *. The art of Islamic architecture and shahecari red to turquoise in the Islamic world and with turquoise mosaic, tile and lajurdi with a variety of one-lines, nstaliq, manuscript and original designs and engineering and asolimi. This mosque in earthquake-1193. Ah nation and in 1318 and 1345 e. restoration and reconstruction of clipping it by live remember Professor r. architects. The dome of the mosque of kbood, built ajri ajri is a ninth century Islamic architects to continue the solar architecture of the epoch of ilkhani into account. The position of the building in the crossroads between the Imam Ave., Shahid beheshti and time square (m).